Sitting exercises for lower back pain


Following on from last week’s blog investigating lower back pain when sitting, today our focus moves to prevention! Some jobs can be quite physically demanding without leaving the office chair or driver’s seat. So if your work is predominantly sedentary and you have experienced back pain when sitting, today’s blog is for you. The following [...]

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Sitting posture


Do you have pain in your back when sitting? Well for many people, this is a very common occurrence! Many patients are often quite surprised that their back pain gets worse when sitting and not better. Whilst some lower back conditions will find sitting helps relieve their pain, a good majority will get more pain [...]

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Good Study Habits to Support Good Posture


Students can spend long hours sitting while reading, studying or working on assignments, often in awkward positions. Poor posture can happen easily, particularly as we get caught up concentrating on the task at hand. Understanding Posture Sitting in less than optimal positions for prolonged periods of time can interfere with many of the body’s normal [...]

Good Study Habits to Support Good Posture2017-02-15T09:33:55+10:00