Don’t Let School Bags Weigh Your Children Down!


Overloaded or incorrectly worn school bags can play a major role in a lot of neck, back and shoulder pain among children. With children heading back to school this week, we think it's very important to highlight the impact that a school bag can have on a child's body when used incorrectly. How do school [...]

Don’t Let School Bags Weigh Your Children Down!2020-01-27T17:41:01+10:00

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome – A Real Pain In The Knee


Do you have pain in the front of your knee that seems to have come from nowhere? Does it hurt when you are going up or downstairs? Or if you have been sitting for too long? Well there is a fair chance that you have developed Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), a pain in the front [...]

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome – A Real Pain In The Knee2019-10-24T12:28:37+10:00

Sitting exercises for lower back pain


Following on from last week’s blog investigating lower back pain when sitting, today our focus moves to prevention! Some jobs can be quite physically demanding without leaving the office chair or driver’s seat. So if your work is predominantly sedentary and you have experienced back pain when sitting, today’s blog is for you. The following [...]

Sitting exercises for lower back pain2018-05-17T14:22:26+10:00

Sitting posture


Do you have pain in your back when sitting? Well for many people, this is a very common occurrence! Many patients are often quite surprised that their back pain gets worse when sitting and not better. Whilst some lower back conditions will find sitting helps relieve their pain, a good majority will get more pain [...]

Sitting posture2018-05-11T10:56:10+10:00

Choosing the right mattress


Some of the most common questions our patients ask us in the clinic are in relation to pillows and mattresses. For most people, a good night’s sleep is as easy as turning the bedroom light off, laying down, pulling up the doona and resting your head on your pillow… sweet dreams. However, for others, a good [...]

Choosing the right mattress2018-03-15T14:15:08+10:00

Osteoporosis and Prevention: No Bones About It!


Osteoporosis is a common disease affecting over 1 million Australians. Osteoporosis literally means bones with holes and it occurs when bones lose minerals, such as calcium, faster than the body can replace them. This leads to bones becoming less dense, losing strength and breaking more easily. Osteoporosis particularly affects women in their middle and later [...]

Osteoporosis and Prevention: No Bones About It!2018-03-02T13:46:41+10:00

Pillow Talk


Are you having difficulty getting to sleep at nights because of a sore neck? Are you waking up in the morning with neck pain or a headache? Or are you just restless and can never seem to get comfortable in bed? Neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches are just a few issues that can arise from [...]

Pillow Talk2018-01-18T06:50:11+10:00

Tips to Prevent Back Pain on Road Trips


Long Summer days are the perfect opportunity to explore the vast expanses of Australia as you head off on road trips with family and friends. However, if you suffer from low back pain, riding in the car for an hour or more can be a real challenge. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit for hours [...]

Tips to Prevent Back Pain on Road Trips2017-12-14T14:47:27+10:00

Lumbar Disc Injuries


Lumbar Disc Injuries In our last blog, we learnt about the anatomy of the lower back (lumbar spine) and what structures can contribute to low back pain. We learnt that the spine is a complex structure made up of bony vertebrae stacked one on top of another, separated by spongy cushions known as intervertebral discs, [...]

Lumbar Disc Injuries2017-07-13T14:50:54+10:00
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