Muscle Cramps


  If you’ve ever had a muscle cramp, you know how painful they can be especially when it strikes when you least expect it. Ouch! A very common question that we get is ‘how do I stop cramps?’ Most people think that dehydration or heat causes cramps and we’ve all seen the ‘magic remedy’ like [...]

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How to Overcome a Fitness Plateau


In our last blog we focused on those of you starting an exercise program for the first time, or getting back into exercise after a hiatus. But what about those of you who have been consistently exercising through Winter but feel like your progress has stalled? Well, keep reading! Here at Revive we have something [...]

How to Overcome a Fitness Plateau2018-09-19T14:52:07+10:00

Choosing the right mattress


Some of the most common questions our patients ask us in the clinic are in relation to pillows and mattresses. For most people, a good night’s sleep is as easy as turning the bedroom light off, laying down, pulling up the doona and resting your head on your pillow… sweet dreams. However, for others, a good [...]

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Beat the Heat: Top 7 Tips for Exercising Safely This Summer


Beat the Heat Top 7 Tips for Exercising Safely This Summer Exercising in hot weather increases our body temperature. Sure, our bodies have built-in cooling systems that help us adjust to heat, that’s why we perspire. But this natural cooling system can fail if we’re exposed to soaring temperatures for too long. The result may [...]

Beat the Heat: Top 7 Tips for Exercising Safely This Summer2018-01-24T12:57:09+10:00
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