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Tennis Elbow


Lateral epicondylalgia. I am guessing most of you have never heard of this term and I promise it is English. It is the technical name for a condition most people know as... Tennis Elbow. This condition has had more names than Federer has tennis trophies (almost!) - but whatever you like to call it, it [...]

Tennis Elbow2018-07-18T23:04:44+10:00

Long-haul flying… with an injury (and how to keep moving)!


Flying up at 30,000 feet and stuck in a tight economy class seat isn’t the best place to enable maximal injury recovery. For many people, sitting for long periods might have been the cause of their initial injury or even what flares up their pain. So for those lucky enough to be escaping the Melbourne [...]

Long-haul flying… with an injury (and how to keep moving)!2018-07-09T12:57:34+10:00
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