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Torticollis and Plagiocephaly


This week, we take it back to the very beginning, looking at two conditions commonly seen by Laura in clinic that affect newborn babies – torticollis and plagiocephaly. The term torticollis (sometimes referred to congenital muscular torticollis) means “twisted neck” and describes an abnormal neck posture, characterised by persistent rotation of the head to one [...]

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly2018-06-28T14:44:42+10:00

Osgood-Schlatter Disease


Next up in our series of child and adolescent musculoskeletal conditions is Osgood-Schlatter disease, a common cause of knee pain found in growing adolescents. Osgood-Schlatter is the common name for tibial tubercle apophysitis. The tibial tubercle sits at the top of the tibia (shin bone) where the patella tendon attaches. This tendon attaches the kneecap [...]

Osgood-Schlatter Disease2018-06-21T14:35:19+10:00

Sever’s Disease and Winter Sport


As the Winter sport season is now well and truly underway, we are starting to see some of the more common overuse injuries affecting children and adolescents. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be looking at the more common musculoskeletal conditions affecting children, starting this week with Sever’s disease. Sever’s disease is [...]

Sever’s Disease and Winter Sport2018-06-15T07:59:28+10:00
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