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Pillow Talk

Are you having difficulty getting to sleep at nights because of a sore neck? Are you waking up in the morning with neck pain or a headache? Or are you just restless and can never seem to get comfortable in bed? Neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches are just a few issues that can arise from [...]

Preventing Lower Back Injuries in Cricket

  Cricket may be a relatively slow-paced game, but many injuries still occur. Although most are unavoidable (or not if you are fielding at silly point). For example, fielders (who often spend long periods of time standing still) may also injure themselves when they are called to make sudden movements with often little regard for [...]

Getting Back into Exercise in the New Year

What Happens When We Get Out Of Shape? If we quit working out for 2-3 months, we can lose at least half our aerobic fitness! Our lungs lose elasticity, blood vessels shrink, blood volume decreases, we use oxygen less efficiently and our heart pumps less blood per beat. Even more frustrating is that our muscles [...]