Monthly Archives: December 2017

How to Stay Fit While Travelling

How to Stay Fit While Travelling It can be hard enough to stay motivated to exercise around this time of year with all of the food, fun and frivolities. Add in your travel plans and your fitness routine is likely to completely go out the window! Luckily, with a little bit of research and some [...]

Tips to Prevent Back Pain on Road Trips

Long Summer days are the perfect opportunity to explore the vast expanses of Australia as you head off on road trips with family and friends. However, if you suffer from low back pain, riding in the car for an hour or more can be a real challenge. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit for hours [...]

Help Your Body Through the Festive Season

Tips to Help Your Body Survive the Festive Season December has begun, which means the festive season is well and truly upon us! Around this time of year, most of the rules for healthy living are happily abandoned and fun and festivities prevail. Overindulging in delicious treats and drinks is almost a given, and exercise [...]