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Spikey Balls 101


Spikey Balls 101 Whether it be at home or work, at the gym or on the training track, spikey balls are increasing in popularity. So what are they, how do they work and how exactly do you use them? Today’s blog is hopefully going to answer all your questions and ensure you are getting the [...]

Spikey Balls 1012017-04-05T10:27:19+10:00

Foam Rollers: 4 Must Do Exercises


4 "Must Do" Foam Roller Exercises As physiotherapists, we are often asked by patients about foam rollers… “do they work?” and “how do I use them?” Our answer is YES they do work but only if you use them! Today we look at 4 MUST DO exercises on your foam roller. Hamstrings Why? More flexibility [...]

Foam Rollers: 4 Must Do Exercises2017-04-05T10:14:29+10:00

Preventing Training Mistakes


Whether you are getting back to preseason training or preparing for a race or event, training mistakes and errors can easily be made. The following are some common mistakes to avoid this preseason or training phase. Mistake 1. ‘Spiking’ the Training Load Avoid sudden spikes in training load. This means sudden increase in running/weight training volume, [...]

Preventing Training Mistakes2017-03-01T22:46:20+10:00
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